Baking with a Bread Machine

Fresh-baked bread is one of the homiest smells on earth, but unfortunately it’s an increasingly uncommon one, as housewives turn to online casinos more and more and all the traditional stuff is forgotten. Baking homemade bread from scratch is time consuming and can be difficult for beginning bakers. But by using a bread machine, you can eliminate struggles like getting your bread to rise properly in a cold or drafty kitchen or remembering when and how long to knead. All you have to do is add the ingredients to the machine, and then let it do its work. Some bread machines will even bake the loaf for you right inside the machine, and you can even play a game of Roulette while you wait (check out for the best casinos, strategies and games!)

By following the tips provided here, you can get perfect bread from your bread machine every time.

Read the Instructions

This is by far the most important tip for using your bread machine. It sounds silly, but if you don’t read the instructions, your bread just won’t turn out well. Some bread recipes need to be adapted for use in the bread machine, so it’s best for beginners to stick to the recipes provided in the bread machine’s instructions.

Use Bread Flour

In order to make your bread rise properly and have a nice texture, you need bread flour, not all-purpose flour. Bread flour is sometimes also marketed as bread machine flour, either of which is suitable for use in recipes calling for bread flour.

Test Your Yeast

Without active yeast, your bread won’t rise. Usually, you can keep dry yeast refrigerated in a jar for about two years. Exposing the dry yeast to air, heat, and moisture will shorten its shelf life. If you aren’t sure if your yeast is still good, perform a yeast test before using it in your bread machine.