Keep Calm and Cook: How Can Cooking Reduce Your Stress?

In today’s generation, there are so much to do to relieve one’s stress, such as internet browsing, social media, online games, binge-watching Netflix series and films, and the like. People always discover new things to do, trying to find more activities to experience to be able to reduce their stress coming from work, relationships, etc. Little do they know that they need not look far as there is one simple thing that can definitely relieve them from their worries, and that is…cooking.

Cooking is done by people every single day. It’s highly unusual to meet people who don’t know how to cook at all. However, most if not all, actually see cooking as a chore. They don’t think of it as enjoyable nor relaxing as it normally ends with a messy kitchen, dirty dishes, and ingredients all over the place that needs a lot of cleaning to do, which is honestly, not pleasant. This article aims to shift that way of thinking and make people understand that cooking is actually
the opposite of all those negative things mentioned above; it is more than a chore, and it is more than just a normal everyday activity. But first of off, sit down and relax! Grab a glass of wine and, like I always do, open your favorite game or put on some music. I always get the games I play with or from and luckily this site in an international one so…you can play wherever you are! Feel free to check this list where you’ll find the best online casino.

Firstly, cooking is delightful! The whole process of cooking can actually bring happiness as it starts with you envisioning what you want to serve on the table. You begin by thinking of a meal you want yourself, your family or friends to eat. Then, you start buying the ingredients which you believe would make that perfect dish. Afterwards, you go to your kitchen and start preparing the equipment you need to produce your meal, and begin chopping, frying, or whatever it is you need to do to make it. What brings delight in all of it is that while you are in the process of making what you’ve envisioned earlier, you actually hope that you would do a great job so as to please those who would have a taste of it. There is also this feeling of adrenaline while cooking as you want your product to be the best it can be. And when you’re done cooking and you’re ready to serve it on the table, you would eventually feel that satisfaction that you’ve done a good job. What is more delightful than a vision becoming a reality? Cooking makes it happen.

Secondly, cooking is an art! It requires skill to make your own perfect meal. Aside from making sure that it tastes wonderful, you actually prefer the dish to look presentable as well. Your creativity shows when you’re cooking as you can decide how your finished product should look like on the plate. And when you achieve the design that you want at the end of the day, you would definitely feel like you’re some kind of an artist, which is enough to relieve your stress.

Thirdly, cooking is fulfilling! Fulfillment is the feeling you get when you achieve something. Being able to produce the meal you want is fulfilling as cooking involves patience and dedication. It may seem ordinary or easy to do, but still, the time you invest in making your food is a big factor in making you feel fulfilled in the end. 

Lastly, cooking is gratifying! After all the hardwork you put into in preparing your dish, the only thing left to do is to eat it. Nothing is more gratifying than eating your own prepared food, together with your family and friends or seeing your loved ones enjoy the meal you’ve made. Clearly, cooking is not a chore. It’s easy, simple, and fun! So when you think of cooking, remember that you can actually enjoy the process and relieve your stress! Alternatively keep in mind that sites such as will help you, check it out and get started!

The Best Candy-themed Slot Machines

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4 Top Sites For Kid-friendly Recipes

Eating healthy is a way of living for many people. Making a kid follow a healthy diet is perhaps one of the biggest problems which many parents face. While many kids prefer to eat cheesy pizzas and pasta, there are other tasty recipes your kid would love. As soon as you’re able to include a much tastier and healthier food in your kid’s diet plan, the kid would love every bite on the table. Cooking for kids is similar to gambling; a random bet where you can win or eventually lose. If you learn from experts, you will progress faster, save precious time and last, but not the least, money! If you want to see how gamblers do it, check Also, make sure to follow the guidelines from the followings 4 top sites for kids so you can check them out and choose a perfect healthy recipe for your little one.

# 1 Berries
If you are looking for healthy and tasty baked foods for your kids, then could be one of the places to check out. When it comes to baked items such as cookies, cupcakes, cakes, or candies the only thought in our mind is a confectionery shop. However, many of us do not often pause to think whether or not those options are kid-friendly. Many confectioners use artificial colors and preservatives to prolong the shelf life of candies and cookies, additives that as we all know, are not kid-friendly. Berries is a baking blog with lots of kid-friendly recipes from cakes to tarts. With the taste and flavor-filled recipes, you can get an easy cooking experience and prepare healthy and tasty confectionery items for your kids without the use of any artificial colors or preservatives. With the recipes offered at Berries, you can also create awesome cakes for your kid’s birthday or for any other occasion. Choose recipes from a variety of cupcakes, cakes, tarts and much more to fulfill your wish of making healthy homemade confectionery items to your kids.

#2 All Recipes
All Recipes is a website with lots of recipes and cuisines around the world. This site has a dedicated section for kid-friendly recipes. They also feature recipes on a daily basis called “Recipe of-the-day”. This site is developed in a way that it is user-friendly and easy to navigate. All Recipes site also has a feature that enables you to add the necessary ingredients to a list once logged in so that it makes your next shopping easier. The step-by-step procedure helps you to prepare the perfect healthy and tasty recipes for your kids. The site has a wide range of recipes from noodles to bakery foods to choose from and gives you all the guidelines you need to become a chef!

#3 Kids Health
Kids Health is a health website focusing on children’s health from the Nemours Foundation. The website has a limited collection of health-based yet tasty recipes. There’s a separate page for recipes that are best suited for your kid’s healthy growth and development. The sections like “what’s for lunch” will help you overcome the confusion on what to pack for lunch. There are also other recipes for your kids such as salads, soups, wraps, kabobs, etc. As this is a site dedicated to kid’s health, there are recipes listed for children who could be affected by diseases such as Lactose Intolerance, Diabetes, Celiac Disease, and Cystic Fibrosis.

#4 MomsWhoThink
MomsWhoThink has a nice and clean list of recipes which kids would love to eat. Though there are no pictorial representations of the ingredient or the end result, the recipes are all so easy to prepare and require minimum cooking time. The website is mainly focused on breakfast and lunch recipes with categories ranging from A to Z. Though there are only 5 – 6 recipes per category there is a huge collection of recipe varieties featuring, Spaghetti and cookies to Ice
creams and much more.

How to Organize the Perfect Kids’ Party

The first step is to determine the best entertainment for the boy or girl. Do they like the circus? So the magician or clown will be wonderful. Are they very athletes? Maybe a choice for an obstacle course or a bounce home.
Of course, if they are too young, it may be difficult to determine what they want. If this is a big first party, it would be a good idea for young people to post photos around the house. In this way, they can adapt before the big day. No one wants to lose birthday parties because they feel terrified.

Most children between the ages of 2 and 3 will have a favorite character they may want to see at Christmas parties, but a real copy of this character may frighten them. Sometimes, artists meet and accept each other in advance, or invite parents to perform a public water test.

Most birthday parties for children are in line with a type of music and entertainment. Everyone, regardless of age, likes playing the guitar or playing musical games and play video games. Karaoke is fun for older children as well. Depending on the age and duration of the attention of children attending short performances of witches and dolls presenters is always a good choice. Be that way, be sure to use selected artists for children and patience. Teenagers and teenagers love a dance party filled with lights, bubbles and smoke machines. Since this group likes to feel big, that is precisely what this choice offers.

Suitable for age
They should also be qualified with the age group at hand. Nothing turns more against birthday parties than an artist who deals with a particular age group and not the children in the party being launched. For example, a group of children between the ages of 8 and 10 will not be interested in the colorful flowers that come out of the hat, but they may be fascinated by deceptive magic, which includes card tricks and a little humor. Children under the age of 5 will be happy to
see the items taken from the hat, but they have a shorter interest, so polishing should be shiny and short. When browsing the original pages of a local newspaper or the Internet for artists, make sure they work with the age group involved. Another important source is also other parents, who will report directly if the animation is successful. If not, check the references provided by the company or assessments online. Organizing a kids party can be pretty full on. Make sure to allow yourself some rest and some fun too. Why not giving a try to online casinos? If you are not familiar with online casinos, you could check and check their review of Yukon gold casino which seems to be the most popular casino these days.

Other considerations
For memorable birthday parties, keep these tips in mind:

Cup cakes making. Cup cakes making is an important in kid’s party.
• Location. The interior is the best. Can destroy outdoor sounds and deviations birthday parties. In addition, there is heat to the face by the time of year and all other types of external elements. Can work, but can also be the failure.
• The noise. Believe it or not, parents and children are the noisiest parties! This can be detrimental to entertaining depending on the size of the party. The separate area is recommended for parents.
• Another thing. Pets, play supplies, dark areas and bad habits, with no proper ventilation and food, stops on display, sometimes make birthday parties fail.

Be sure to plan with the selected facilitator what they need and what to do in advance. The good advice is that you have something special in case of reserve if the artist appears late. In this way, children will be entertained while waiting.
Hire a dedicated team to make an exciting party for your child, pre-teen or teenager. As a DJ and disco specialist, concerts are an entertainment expert at a good price within your budget and do not skimp on the trills you and your child want. From dance to challenges, performers, karaoke, and many other activities, can achieve all that is desirable. These party pros are filled with funky music and even bubble machines, smoke, and snow.

Baking Cup Cakes that Kids Love This Year

Photo of Yukon Gold casino logo

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Kids love to eat cup-cakes, and there are so many different types to make. You can also get them involved in the cooking process if you like, as many love to do this (just be prepared for some mess around the kitchen of you do!).

So what do kids usually like when making a cup cake? Of course, they love the sweet taste, but it is also a good idea to make them as colourful as possible too, as they love to see this. Imagine something like a Roulette wheel, and if you can replicate something like this on your cup-cakes you will certainly get a very favourable response from your children.

It is also a good idea to use things such as sugar strands and hundreds-and-thousands. They will add color and the playful look that kids love. Just be aware of the increase in sugar volume that you are adding to each cup-cake when you do use these though, as they can certainly add a lot more into one cake when you put these on top. If you want to read more, then visit

If you have the ability, it is always a good idea to try and make the cup-cakes in different shapes. Imagine just how much your children would love it if you made cup-cakes in the shape of Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny! This is not something that a beginner should attempt, but if you have made cup-cakes a few times and you want to get creative, then there is no end to the things like this that you can do to make something that your kids will love.

Walnut and Lemon Puff Pastry Rolls

Super practical and easy to prepare, puff pastry rolls are my favourite choice when I need to bake a delicious snack for my guests. Especially if I don’t have too much time on my hands! These recipes are also available on your mobile apps too.

The essential ingredient here is a pack of frozen puff pastry dough. (Careful here, you need bricks of dough, not sheets!) You will need to wait until it thaws, but this usually doesn’t take longer than an hour. While you wait for the dough to thaw, you can prepare the filling.

6a00d83451fa5069e20168e81566eb970c-800wiNow, depending on what you have in the kitchen, you can split the dough, prepare several different fillings and bake two or more kinds of rolls in one go. This way your guests will have a choice and the serving plate will be much richer – a life saver if you only have two or three hours to do all the baking!

Now, about those fillings. In my home, the most popular rolls have always been the ones with walnut and lemon filling. For one pack of dough, you need about 5 oz. of sugar, 6 oz. of milled walnuts, freshly squeezed lemon juice (1 lemon), 1 pack of vanilla sugar and several big spoons of water.

Preparation: place all filling ingredients into a bowl and stir them with a spoon. Take the thawed dough and roll it until it gets thin. Roll it in one direction – you want it to be long, but not wide. Spread the filling across the dough and wrap it: you will get a long, thin roll. Cut into thin slices and place the slices on a baking pan. Bake in a pre-heat oven on 340 F for 10 – 15 minutes.

Depending on the ingredients used for the filling, the end result should look like a variant of this. Hope you’ll find it delicious!

Cake Pop Anyone?


One of the best ways to personalize your parties and to serve a surprise that will have your guests begging for more or for the recipe are the Cake Pops. I know you are wondering what it is; it’s just bite sized cake balls served on a lollipop stick like finger foods. This will be a major hit at any party for any age group.

You have plenty of options for customizing them; you can go with a particular color or flavor and make them to suit any age or theme. They are as much fun to make as well as eat, and anyone can create them. What you need is a basic cake.  Bake the cake and let it cool; add 2 cups of frosting (any kind); mix them both and make into balls.

Now, place them in the refrigerator for 90 minutes or in the freezer for 30 minutes. While they are firming up, melt candy melts with one tablespoon of canola oil or vegetable oil.  Dip the lollipop stick in the candy mix, and then push it into the cake balls, two-thirds of the way. Wait for a few seconds; now dip the cake balls into the mix, and let stand in a piece of craft foam till it drips and dries. Cooking can be challenging sometimes and we don’t blame you for postponing your cake pop among other recipes. Take a break, sit down, relax and get some fun before starting. As we mentioned it previously, we much enjoy playing online casinos while cooking or before getting into a big meal prep! will keep you entertained till you decide to take the cooking challenge!

Once they are fully set, you can remove excess candy by wiping gently or leave it to your guests to lick it off! Have fun experimenting with colors and textures and flavors. You can alternate between red and green for a Christmas theme party or go with bright pink for your daughter’s party.

Baking with a Bread Machine

Fresh-baked bread is one of the homiest smells on earth, but unfortunately it’s an increasingly uncommon one, as housewives turn to online casinos more and more and all the traditional stuff is forgotten. Baking homemade bread from scratch is time consuming and can be difficult for beginning bakers. But by using a bread machine, you can eliminate struggles like getting your bread to rise properly in a cold or drafty kitchen or remembering when and how long to knead. All you have to do is add the ingredients to the machine, and then let it do its work. Some bread machines will even bake the loaf for you right inside the machine, and you can even play a game of Roulette while you wait (check out for the best casinos, strategies and games!)

By following the tips provided here, you can get perfect bread from your bread machine every time.

Read the Instructions

This is by far the most important tip for using your bread machine. It sounds silly, but if you don’t read the instructions, your bread just won’t turn out well. Some bread recipes need to be adapted for use in the bread machine, so it’s best for beginners to stick to the recipes provided in the bread machine’s instructions.

Use Bread Flour

In order to make your bread rise properly and have a nice texture, you need bread flour, not all-purpose flour. Bread flour is sometimes also marketed as bread machine flour, either of which is suitable for use in recipes calling for bread flour.

Test Your Yeast

Without active yeast, your bread won’t rise. Usually, you can keep dry yeast refrigerated in a jar for about two years. Exposing the dry yeast to air, heat, and moisture will shorten its shelf life. If you aren’t sure if your yeast is still good, perform a yeast test before using it in your bread machine.


Tomato Tarte Tatin Recipe

Why should baking be only about cookies and cakes? Here comes a very different and delicious recipe that you will surely thank us for providing you with.

tomato tarteIngredients

1 1/2 pounds small tomatoes

2 medium chopped onions
2 tablespoons clarified butter or olive oil

1/2 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons balsamic vinegar

Zest of one lemon
a bit of flour
1 egg whisked with a tablespoon of water

1 pie crust


First of all, I start my online casino nettikasinobonukset and my favourite slot and put it on autoplay while I get gping. Then preheat oven to 400F. In the meanwhile, sauté the onions over medium heat adding a pinch of salt in the oil.

While the onions are on the stove, quickly cut the tomatoes in half. If they are cherry tomatoes you may leave them in whole. Add them to the onion with balsamic vinegar and salt. Continue to stir until the onions are caramelized and deeply golden.

Toss the mixture well, especially if your tomatoes are very juicy. Also sprinkle lemon zest to the mixture. Keep mixing everything for a few minutes. Once everything is mixed and the onions have changed color, remove the pan from heat.

On another side, roll out your dough and cover the tomato mixture by tucking a bit in the sides. Use the egg wash to brush the crust and then cut a few slits in the crust. Now, bake it the oven until the crush changes color to deeply brown and the tomatoes start bubbling at the sides. The process typically takes around half an hour.

Once done, take it out and the delicious dish is ready to be served. You can enjoy it with your favorite drink.

How to make your dinner party run just that little bit smoother

Hosting a dinner party can, at times, be an absolute minefield. On New Year’s Eve this year, I agreed to cook dinner for twelve people. After carefully selecting my menu, with relative ease, I reached a sticking point when it came to desert.

strawberry-cheesecakeThe idea of having to bake something, while worrying incessantly about the starter and main course, scared me beyond belief. In an attempt to reduce my stress levels, after playing online casinos from all day) I decided to go for a recipe that was both exceedingly tasty, while also being exceptionally simple.

The individual cheesecakes were served in a wine glass, I prepared them in ten minutes before the guests arrived, and I left them in the fridge until the time was right. It made for a stress free second half to the evening.

The recipe (serves two)

Four shortbread biscuits, 300g of soft cheese, the zest and juice of one lime, three tbsp of icing sugar, 190g of frozen mixed berries, and a few extra for decoration.

The method: It’s as easy as 1,2,3…

  1. Place the biscuits into a zip lock bag and crush with a rolling pin, dividing them between the two wine glasses.
  2. Beat the soft cheese, zest of a lime and two tbsp of icing sugar, until smooth. Divide the resulting mixture between the glasses, on top of the biscuit base.
  3. Defrost and blend half the berries with the juice of the lime and the one tbsp of icing sugar that is left over. Pour the mixture on top of the cheese and decorate with a few whole berries.

It’s really that simple. Then sit back, relax and bring the cheesecakes out when your guests are ready. Simple, tasty and elegant; it’s a desert that your guests will never forget and one that takes some of the headache away from hosting a dinner party.

Make a career out of cake baking

There are some people that simple aren’t and never will be any good in the kitchen. However, there are also many people who have a real knack when it comes to cooking and baking, often enjoying creating new and exciting dishes and desserts for family and friends.

cakeIf you fall into the latter and find that you like nothing more than baking tasty cakes and treats for your loved ones, you could take it one step further and start baking on a commercial basis. Recession or no recession, cakes are always in demand, with people buying in their droves for birthdays, weddings, Christmas, Easter, and many other types of cakes for special occasions.

If you have a knack for baking and you want to make money from your skills, it is well worth considering setting up a website and advertising your services. This way, you can set up a small business with minimal initial outlay – you simply need to pay for your website to be created and you might want to do a little marketing to raise awareness of your services, but then you are good to go!

One great thing about setting up your own cake baking service is that you can bake your cakes to order, so there is no wastage or unnecessary hard work that ends up being for nothing. All you have to do is wait for orders to come in, and should you choose to accept them you can get baking and start earning! So get off the online casinos and get going!

Chocolate Cake

If you are new at baking then this is one of the first things you should try your hands at. This chocolate cake recipe is very simple and easy to make. It only takes around half an hour to prepare and another half an hour to bake/cook. And trust us, the final dish is so delicious and mouth watering, you’d be distributing the recipe to one and all.


  • Plain Flour 2 cups
  • Icing Sugar ½ cup
  • Chocolate bar 1 pack or Melted Chocolate
  • Eggs 6
  • Cream 2 cups
  • Chocolate Sauce ½ cup
  • Coco Powder 4 tbsp
  • Butter 1 cup
  • Sugar 2 cups
  • Gelatin powder 3 tbsp


  1. Put melted chocolate in a bar or melt the bar in a microwave.
  2. In another bowl, break six eggs and mix them well until the mixture forms foam. Now, add sugar, butter, and baking powder. Mix the mixture again until the sugar is completely dissolved.
  3. Now add half cup chocolate sauce in the mixture and beat it. Add flour in the mixture and mix it so that everything is dissolved well.
  4. Now, grease cake pan and set your over at 160C. Put the batter in the over for 20 minutes at the set temperature.
  5. When the sponge is done, it is time to cool and cut it from the center. Do it carefully and put it in a corner.
  6. In another bowl mix icing sugar, cocoa powder and cream. Make sure it is mixed well before putting it on one half of the sponge. Once the half is covered properly, put the other half of the sponge on it.
  7. Take a little amount of half boiled water, add the remaining chocolate and gelatin powder in it and mix it well. Spread the mixture properly on top of the cake and then put it in a refrigerator for half an hour to chill.
  8. Now the delicious cake is ready to be served.

Chocolate lovers, don’t forget to check out Big Chef online slot at Grand Mondial Casino. It’s all about the sweets! If you are based in Canada, visit canadiancasinoreview and start playing with Big Chef and more cooking-themed games!

Puff Pastry Strawberry Coconut Cookies

This is among everyone’s favorite recipes, mainly because it is easy and quick to make. The best quality is that you can buy readymade puff pastry to save precious time.


  • 1 lb puff pastry
  • ½ cup unsweetened shredded coconut
  • Tiny amounts of egg white
  • 2/3 cups raspberry or strawberry jam


  1. Preheat the oven to 400F and put two large sheets with silicone mats.
  2. Take half of puff pastry and roll it into a thin inch square. Carefully spread 1/3 of strawberry jam over the rolled pastry. Make sure the jam layer is thin. Now, repeat the same process with the other half of the puff pastry.
  3. Now very carefully put the second puff pastry, jam side down, over the first one. Make sure you do it carefully and put it in the correct position.
  4. Trim the edges with the help of a pizza wheel. Now, cut the sandwiched pastry into your desired sized strips. However, make sure the strips are not too big, as they may affect the baking time.
  5. Using a knife, cut a slit in the middle of each strip leaving around an inch uncut at each end.
  6. Now, very carefully put one short end into the slit, and then the other in the same way in opposite direction. Now that you are done, put the cookies onto the cookie sheet after covering the corners with a little amount of egg white.
  7. Put cookies a little away from each other as they will get bigger when baked. Bake for around 25 minutes and your cookies are ready to enjoy.

Hint: If the puff pastry gets too soft at any point, put it a freezer for a few minutes.

Looking Ahead

I’ve got a little over two weeks until my first a’s game in oakland for the season. the past few months or so, i’ve been racking my brain for some new ideas, searching cookbooks and such for recipes.

on a side note, i’m really jealous of claire of clairesquares; if only i could make something as good as these… although i’d also need a professional kitchen, amazing knives, and a whole lotta patience. i took a bunch of squares for the fam when i went home, and the dark chocolate ones were gobbled up in seconds. thankfully, i waited a few days until i presented the milk chocolate ones for everyone’s sugar coma-inducing pleasure. apparently south florida isn’t known for it’s indulgent combination of chocolate, caramel, and shortbread palm-sized desserts. it is, though, recognized for its amazing key lime pie and gator-shaped gummi animals.

but back to baseball! this season, my goal is to tackle at least one kind of granola bar and a flavored home-popped popcorn, in addition to the basic cookies, brownies, etc.. do you have suggestions for a mini-sized dessert or on-the-sweet-side snacks that i can deliver to the bullpen? leave a comment with a link for the recipe or your idea, and i’ll try to test out as many (viable) ones as i can.