Looking Ahead

I’ve got a little over two weeks until my first a’s game in oakland for the season. the past few months or so, i’ve been racking my brain for some new ideas, searching cookbooks and such for recipes.

on a side note, i’m really jealous of claire of clairesquares; if only i could make something as good as these… although i’d also need a professional kitchen, amazing knives, and a whole lotta patience. i took a bunch of squares for the fam when i went home, and the dark chocolate ones were gobbled up in seconds. thankfully, i waited a few days until i presented the milk chocolate ones for everyone’s sugar coma-inducing pleasure. apparently south florida isn’t known for it’s indulgent combination of chocolate, caramel, and shortbread palm-sized desserts. it is, though, recognized for its amazing key lime pie and gator-shaped gummi animals.

but back to baseball! this season, my goal is to tackle at least one kind of granola bar and a flavored home-popped popcorn, in addition to the basic cookies, brownies, etc.. do you have suggestions for a mini-sized dessert or on-the-sweet-side snacks that i can deliver to the bullpen? leave a comment with a link for the recipe or your idea, and i’ll try to test out as many (viable) ones as i can.

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